As soon as you get pregnant it seems that everyone has advice on what not to eat, but no one seems to be able to tell you what to eat. That’s where Pregnancy Bites comes in – we provide you with easy to follow prenatal & nursing meal plans. It includes a complete menu that meets the currently accepted nutritional guidance for pregnant and nursing women. Pregnancy can be tough, eating healthy shouldn’t be. 

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Sonnet Aguirre

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Rebekah Matznick

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What We Offer: Weekly Meal Plans

Prenatal nutritional guidelines are complicated. It’s easy to find “pregnancy meal ideas” all over the internet, but how useful are those really? It’s one meal – it doesn’t deliver all the nutritional value you and your little one need. That is where Pregnancy Bites comes in. We provide a full weeks’ worth of meals – from breakfast to dinner (plus snacks) to make sure you are eating right. Learn more here!

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