Fitness Fun: Listen to Nike – Just Do It!

As always, follow the advice of your doctor. But when it comes to generally accepted guidance, long gone are the days of pregnant women being told to “take it easy”. If you were working out before your pregnancy, most doctors will allow you to keep up that level of activity during your pregnancy. Think about it this way, labor is an incredibly taxing process for your body – wouldn’t you want to train for it as much as possible with a prenatal fitness routine?

For me, jumping around doing HIIT based workouts wasn’t appealing in the midst of my first trimester exhaustion and queasiness, so I turned to an oldie but a goody – running. As the weeks went by it took me longer and longer to go the same distance, but I was still doing something. I listened to my body and when it said “You’ve only got a mile in you today” that is all I did. Other days, I felt great and went much further. And some days, all I could manage was a quick stretching session. Prenatal fitness is all about listening to your body.

pregnant yoga outside

Focus on staying hydrated and think about working out as an opportunity to prepare your body for your baby’s birth.  If you are too tired, sick or sore to do much physical activity, then get out there and walk. Take that time for yourself because it will soon be a distant memory with the arrival of your little one. Spend time stretching too – prenatal yoga is popular for a reason.

Ignore all the older women at the gym who give you a look of disgust or tell you, you are being selfish (yes, this happened to me). You aren’t. But don’t blame them; medical guidance has changed a lot since they were pregnant. The important thing to remember is to listen to your doctor, not nosey Nancy at the gym.